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Design Build
Design Build projects are the largest and most involved that we work on. Design Build projects can dramatically improve a homes curb appeal and value. Generally speaking we will work directly with you and an architect to either design and construct an entirely new space or reconfigure an existing one. This type of project relies heavily on client participation to design an improvement that is truly unique and custom. We will start with an in-depth needs analysis at our initial consultation. The initial in home visit will consist of asking many questions that will help us get a clear understanding of exactly what you want to build, any special needs, or usage for the space, your time constraints, and budget expectations. We will usually take a number of digital photographs to help with starting point budgeting. From there we will write a feasibility proposal which will be our first official correspondence to you. In it we will communicate what range we feel we can build your project for; at the same time we will ask that you sign a DDA (Design Development Agreement) with a monetary retainer. Once you sign a DDA we will get architects and designers on board to work on a set of drawings for you and ultimately to procure a municipal permit. At the same time we will begin to assist you with the selection of finish materials. From there we will write a detailed scope of work for each trade by AIA Division and submit it to our preferred partner’s list for final contract numbers. To facilitate efficiency we may call a “Trade Walk” at the proposed work site, this allows bidding partners the opportunity to view the site conditions and interact as a group with the Client, Traditions, and fellow trade partners. Once all trade amounts are received and reviewed we will write a construction contract for you that encompass all of your design elements, and construction costs for materials and labor from start to finish. Once the construction contract is signed we will submit the final plans to the applicable municipal agency for permit review. Pending receipt of permit we will start setting up work site logistics, necessary environmental, safety, and waste removal needs, order long-lead materials, and finalize the construction schedule. We will meet with each trade partner for a detailed pre-construction meeting. Once the Construction Starts…

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