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What Is EcoLogic
Eco Logic was first started as an organizational directive a number of years ago to guide us in the internal policy aspects EcoLogicof waste disposal, conservation, material selection, and trade partner selection. Our fundamental goal was simply to make Ecology Logical. In doing so we were able to find sensible ways to incorporate ecology and conservation into every stage of the project template without affecting quality, scheduling, or budgeting. As it evolved we realized that Eco Logic is uniquely adapted to the specific needs of construction and remodeling in and around the Fox Valley area. We feel that expanding Eco Logic into its own recognizable brand will help clients identify it as a beneficial home grown iniative. It will soon be open to membership by anyone who wishes to preserve the resources of our area as well as providing opportunities to get involved with locally sponsored activities.

We are passionate about promoting grass-roots ecology. However there are organizations who are Green-Washing their companies by joining many regional or national organizations, paying their yearly membership dues, adding clip art logos to their marketing materials and then forgetting the true importance of these commitments by not getting involved to any significant extent. We are not discounting organizations like US Green Building Council, Global Green USA, or Common Fire Foundation just to name a few. They do a great job and we prescribe to many of their ideals and I am sure some members do get involved on a hands-on basis. You can go to the links tab for some of the web sites we frequent for the latest news on conservation and ecology information.

We encourage our trade partners and the general public to contact us with any ideas they have in growing the concept and ideals of Eco Logic in the Fox Valley Area. In doing so we can continue to Think Globally Act Locally.

Energy Star PartnerBeing part of the Energy Star Partner Program means that we will promote home appliances, electronics, and building materials that qualify for this rating to our clients. In many cases the increased front end costs are slight compared to the overall life-cycle savings. Choosing Energy Star rated materials may also qualify you for a Federal Energy Efficiency Tax Credit. HR 5351 was passed on February 27, 2008 which extended the existing tax credit incentives. Not all Energy Star products qualify for this program, go to the Energy Star web site for more details and consult your tax preparation professional for more information.

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